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The dangers of using bleach to clean your home


The dangers of using bleach to clean your home

Millions of homeowners and landlords use bleach-based cleaning agents on a regular basis to spruce up unsightly toilets, tarnished sinks and other bathroom fixtures and furnishings. However, many of these individuals remain unaware of the untold long term dangers that using bleach based products to clean your home can have on your physical welfare. To rectify this domestic hazard, the following section of our guide will provide targeted healthcare advice regarding these toxic, highly corrosive household cleaning agents.

First and foremost, it is important to identify the most hazardous chemicals which lurk within your cleaning cupboard in the efforts of removing them. The chemical cleaning agent commonly known as bleach is one of the most popular products for tackling dirty sinks, toilets and baths. Unfortunately, household bleach contains chlorine, often in the form of sodium hypochlorite as a gel or calcium hypochlorite in bleaching powder, which is a highly corrosive compound. Due to the chlorine component in drain and toilet cleaners, they can cause extreme irritation when they come into contact with our eyes, skin or respiratory tracts once inhaled.

Moreover, chlorine bleach can be even more harmful when it is mixed with other cleaning agents such as ammonia or dish soap. For instance, mixing two different types of drain or toilet cleaner together can form noxious gases which, when inhaled, can cause headaches, nausea, bloody noses, neurological disorders, cancer and in some cases even prove fatal. If ingested, household bleach cleaners can permanently damage your mouth and throat tracts, cause pulmonary oedemas, vomiting and even induce comas. Using these bleach cleaners on a regularly basis, even with sufficient protection such as gloves and masks, can cause debilitating effects to your liver, lungs and kidneys over time.

You can protect yourself and your family against the long term health conditions caused by these hazardous bleach cleaning agents by switching your toxic drain and toilet cleaning products for natural alternatives. Using baking soda, vinegar, lemon, borax and various other natural remedies will efficiently clean your home without exposing you and your family to the health dangers of chlorine bleach or harmful peroxides. You can view an extensive list of useful natural remedies and cleaning solutions within the "How to make your own green non-toxic cleaning agents" section of this guide.

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