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4. What To Do If You Feel You Landlord Is Disreputable

As long as you communicate clearly with your landlord and keep documents of all aspects of your property, from inventory checklists and inspection reports to the clauses of your tenancy agreement, then you should not have any disputes throughout your tenancy. However, a Rent View survey recently revealed that approximately 53% of tenants have faced difficulties when communicating with their landlords and 24% have had problems attaining a reference from their landlord after their tenancy had ended. Fortunately if you feel that your landlord is treating you unfairly and is not respecting your rights as a tenant then there are several actions which the Department for Communities and Local Government advise you to carry out in order to receive justice:

• Contact the Citizen’s Advice Bureau or Shelter if you encounter any financial difficulties regarding your tenancy

• If your property is in an unsafe condition and your landlord will not pay for repairs then you can contact your local

• You cannot be evicted without written notice, so if you landlord attempts to evict you illegally you should contact the police. Remember that you can only be legally removed from your property with a court order

• Contact your tenancy deposit scheme dispute resolution services if you encounter any difficulties regarding the return of your deposit

• Seek legal support from tenant duty counsel lawyers and community legal workers in order to resolve disputes with your landlord

Ultimately, if you gather written evidence, such as your tenancy agreement, inspection reports and inventory checklists, as well as photographic evidence of any faults with your property, then you should be able to seek external counsel and successfully resolve any disputes with your landlord and retain your full deposit.