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Switching to green cleaning


switching to green cleaning

After heeding the warnings of environmental officials, many homeowners and landlords have started to incorporate green cleaning solutions within their household maintenance routines. If you would like to make the switch to green cleaning but are unsure where to start, you can utilise this section of our guide to get to grips with eco-friendly cleaning practices.

1 - Back to basics: Rather than jumping in head first, it is worth taking some time familiarising yourself with green cleaning practices. Why not try small steps such as purchasing an all-natural alternative the next time you run out of a specific cleaning solution? Check the labels for green cleaning alternatives and trial different products until you find one which suits you. Visit your local natural food store and supermarket to shop for green cleaning products and cleaning materials such as cellulose sponges, recyclable bin bags and cotton cloths. Exploring your options and replacing a few of your most toxic chemicals with natural alternatives will help you to establish eco-friendly cleaning practices throughout your home.

2 - Recycle chemical cleaning agents: Now that you are accustomed with green cleaning practices you can gradually begin to transfer all of your existing household routines into eco-friendly alternatives. Rather than disposing of your chemical agents, try giving them to friends who have not yet decided to go 'green'. This process will rid your home of artificial cleaning agents whilst conserving natural resources. Go round each room of your home and make a list of the chemicals used to clean. Set yourself a deadline by which you will swap all of these products with green cleaning supplies and begin to sign-up with eco-friendly suppliers.

3 - Make your own:Now that you have become accustomed with green cleaning products, why not try to make your own? With a little lemon juice, baking soda and table salt, you can make your own all-purpose cleaning sprays, furniture polish, carpet cleaner and surface disinfectants. The remaining sections of this guide will equip you with the necessary information and resources to put this three step plan into action and adopt these eco-friendly cleaning practices throughout your home.

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